5 Reasons Why Angela is your new Best Friend

5 Reasons Why Angela is your new Best Friend

A lot has changed in the recent years, but the issue of safety hasn’t. During these changing times, people want to be able to assert independence, explore the world, find their place and make their mark. This is where a UK personal safety alarm, like your Angela, comes in. Your new best friend you can always count on as you conquer the world. Here are five reasons to prove it.


1. Angela keeps you safe.

You never have to worry about going about by yourself; whether you’re out running, working late shifts, walking the dog, going out at night, walking around University grounds, or heading home late from the shops. Whenever you feel unsafe, trust your gut and activate Angela to attract just the right amount of attention to keep scary strangers or  any potential attacker away and attract the attention of people nearby to get you help, should you need any. Just like any good friend, Angela lets you become the strong, independent person you were always meant to be. Having it close by gives you that confidence that lets you focus on being the best YOU you can be without having to worry about going around places on your own.


2. Angela is loved ones -approved.

Nothing is more nerve-racking than waiting on your loved one getting home late at night after hearing all those terrible news about random attacks on individuals on TV or online. But with your UK personal safety alarm on hand, your loved ones feel more at ease that you are safe while you are out conquering the world. By keeping Angela close, you give them peace of mind knowing you can stay safe and get help even if they’re not close by. Getting your loved ones their own Angelas gives you that same peace of mind as well.


3. Angela is low maintenance.

It doesn’t require a lot from you and won’t take much of your precious time. It lasts 2 years on standby, there is no need to charge and batteries can be easily replaced. It’s easy to carry and attach to keys, bags or even wear it on your person. Even when you’re out running, it’s easy to bring it with you without lugging around unnecessary weight. This lightweight, yet strong device can save your life and it won’t even cost you an arm and a leg. After all, safety isn’t supposed to be a privilege.


4. Angela lets your personality shine.

Your new best friend is designed to show off just enough of your personality without taking the spotlight. It can be as inconspicuous as you want it to be with its compact design and different colours to match your personality. Your safety is a serious matter, but it doesn’t have to be boring.


5. Angela has no drama.

It is always when you feel unsafe and panicky that your fingers decide they don’t work.  So even easy tasks like operating a spray can, or even unlocking your phone is impossible when you feel in danger. Angela is easy to use; pull the top, that’s it. There is no fumbling around before getting the help you need. That way, you can feel safe as soon as. When it comes to safety, it shouldn’t be complicated. 

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