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Meet Angela,The Personal Safety Alarm.

Tells of danger. Sends for help. Alerts others.

We Support Change.

Angela’s Personal Safety Alarm can be ready to use in an instant. Whether you are walking to your car, working late at the office or traveling abroad, this handy device allows you to make a loud and attention-grabbing sound whenever you feel uncomfortable.

Simply pull on the pin/keychain remote and activate Angela’s LOUD alarm and flashing light to interrupt the situation and bring eyes on you. Don’t be afraid to make noise! Use and reuse.


Stay one step ahead.

Angela is the alarm we hope you never have to use.

From a 130db Bell/Alarm (Very Loud), to a 200-lumen flashing light, the Angela enables you to have peace of mind when, out for a walk, across a dark car-park or simply feeling unsafe.

Why Angela?

Tells of danger. Sends for help. Alerts others.

Our mission is to equip women with personal safety tools that are stealthy and stylish, so they can feel safer wherever they go. Nobody deserves to feel they are going 'over-the-top' to feel safe, and with us, you won't.

To empower women and make them feel safe wherever they go, and to ensure that no woman feels helpless, and put an end to sexual assault.


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