6 Ways to Stay Safe on a First Date

6 Ways to Stay Safe on a First Date

Going on a first date this Valentine’s Day with a stranger you met on your way to work is exciting. You get to discover someone new, you don’t have to relive embarrassing stories that they’ve been told by a mutual friend, and you get a more romantic story of how you met.

But with all the excitement of a first date, it’s easy to forget that you need to be more cautious with someone you know nothing about yet. So, even if you think he could be the one, it’s time to pump the breaks for a sec to talk first date safety tips, then you can get right back to fantasising. We promise.


1. Let Someone Else in on Where You’ll Be Going 


One of our most important first date safety tips is to have someone else know where you’re heading and when. It’s a good idea to let them know when you’re on your way, when you’re leaving the date, and when you get home safe. Plus, we’re sure they’d appreciate you checking in with some hot goss when you pop to the loo. 

To be extra safe on your first meet up, you could even add your best friend on the Find My app on your iPhone or something similar if you have an android (we’re not fluent in android talk, but then, is anyone?). This will share your location with live time stamps for as long as you choose to – we get you might want to turn it off the next day if this is your first date since a breakup and you vowed to stop hooking up with your ex.


2. Meet in a Public Place


First of all, you deserve so much better than Netflix and chill. And second of all, going straight to their house when you’ve never met them before is all kinds of dangerous. Instead, arrange to meet in a public place where you can expect many people to be. 

But following this first date advice doesn’t mean you have to give up romance and feel like you have a plus one (or ten) for the entire evening. Going to a bar or restaurant are both safer options where you can be in an intimate setting, cosy up, and stare into each other’s eyes as much as you want, where others will have your back if you need it.


3. Know Your Alcohol Limit


You don’t have to go T total, but we’d highly recommend for your first meet up that you stay within your alcohol limit to remain alert and keep in touch with your instincts. Something that would usually send alarm bells through your entire body could be easily missed if you’ve drunk too much. You might even think it’s charming after a few drinks, when in fact, it’s red flag central. 

If you have a bad habit of ordering shots for the entire bar and getting back at the crack of dawn after just one drink, it’s best you avoid drinking altogether (sorry, not sorry) because getting wasted on a first date isn’t safe or cute, and a sure way to get ghosted. 

4. Take Angela’s Personal Safety Alarm with You 


We always hope you never have to use it, but Angela’s Personal Safety Alarm will give you the best possible first date safety with a 130db alarm and a flashing LED strobe light. Simply pull the pin out to activate and alert those around you that you’re in danger.

With a sleek, compact design that fits into any handbag and lifetime guarantee, it won’t ruin your outfit, and you can bring it with you on every first date you have for the rest of your life! We’re rooting for this one though. *Keeps fingers crossed*.


5. Have a Backup Plan 


Having a backup plan isn’t just one of our first date safety tips, but a tip you could also use for an early exit if you’re just not feeling it. Mention before you go on the date that you’d love to go out with them, but you have plans with a friend afterwards. 

With this plan in place, if you start to feel uncomfortable, you can just say it’s time to meet your friend or text them to show up and politely excuse yourself when they arrive. But, of course, if you’re seriously hitting it off, you can just tell your date they’ve had to cancel last minute.


6. Give Him/her a Quick Google 


We all have that one friend that we’re convinced works for the FBI, but you don’t have to get her on the case unless you want to know his brother’s girlfriend’s dog’s name. All you need to do before your first meet up is google there full name, you know, just to check they are not in the news, as well as there Instagram and LinkedIn. Maybe even Facebook if you’re into the other ones!. 

This first date safety tip will make sure they are telling the truth about basic facts like their name and where they works – lying about such tiny details is something to watch out for as there’s no need to unless they’re hiding something.

If you can’t find anything, get your low-key FBI agent friend on it, and if she still can’t pull something up on them, you might want to rethink the first date.

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