Back to School Safety Routine

Back to School Safety Routine

School is about to start and nothing is more exciting than getting a fresh start and planning your new school year ahead. But with all these excitement, it is easy to forget that there are those who would take advantage of the back to school craze. Here are a few reminders to keep you safe throughout the new school year. 


1. Lock up.

Sure, living on your own is super exciting. Especially if your new accommodation is aesthetic AF. Pretty sure you are excited to get everything organised and set up just the way you like it for your new pad. But living on your own can also be super scary. So before anything else, make sure doors and windows are securely locked at all times. 


2. Hide your gadgets. 

You went all out this year determined to get the grades that will catapult you to your future. So you used up most of your hard earned money for new gadgets that will help you survive the school year.  Now the only challenge is making sure all these new stuff are still with you by the end of the school year, or even until you graduate. Don’t leave your shiny new laptop or tablet out on display. Ensure that keys, phone and any other valuables are safely tucked away, to avoid attracting robbers and thieves. 


3. Check your privacy settings. 

With technology, locating someone can be as easy or as hard as they want it to be. Crucially, make sure you check your privacy settings on all your apps to ensure that you can only be located by the people you want to find you. You don’t want any stalkers or potential attackers ruining your nights out. You can even set up your phone or get an app so you can share your location with your  emergency contact. 


4. Use a safe word or phrase. 

Being in uni means we get to expand our circle. It gives us the chance to explore and get to know new crowds. However, it is also where we can get into a lot of uncomfortable situations. Nothing is worse than getting stuck in scary situation and feeling completely helpless. That is why before you set off into the uni jungle, talk to your bestie, your mum and dad, or siblings, or whoever you know has your back and agree on a phrase or a word or a question that will tell them that you feel unsafe discreetly. That way, they can come pick you up or rescue you from  any uncomfortable situation without alerting the suspicious person. 


5. Always keep a personal safety alarm with you. 

Navigating your way around a new environment independently need not be a scary task. Having a personal safety alarm like Angela with you at all times will make you feel safer walking around the university campus, jogging on your own, or partying late at night.  A handy personal safety alarm will ward off any attackers without violence and will get the attention of anyone nearby to get you help if needed. Get a personal safety alarm like Angela that is easy to carry around, won’t ruin your aesthetic, uncomplicated to use and will get the job done and you are ready to take on anything.

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