Travel Safety Must-Haves

Travel Safety Must-Haves

After 2 years of limited travel and stay at home guidelines, we are finally ready to travel the world again. Nothing is more exciting than getting a chance to see a different part of the world. But like always, we can’t get swept away by the beauty of new culture and sights and not worry about making it out of there in one piece. In an ideal world, we can spontaneously jump in on a plane that will take us wherever and just immerse ourselves in new cultures all carefree. But in the real world, traveling entails months of saving, and painstaking planning before being able to enjoy ourselves. We don’t want all that handwork to go to waste, so here are a few travel safety must-haves to ensure nothing will ruin your well-earned vacay.


A First Aid Kit.

It doesn’t have to be super well-kitted out. Nothing fancy, just make sure you have a few basics so you can tend to a headache or a cut yourself saving you a trip to a pharmacy or the clinic. Bring a couple of bandaids, antibiotic ointment, alcohol wipes, gauze and a couple of over the counter medications for pain, bloating, diarrhoea and antihistamine. Obviously, if you are planning a more adventurous vacay, you might want to pack more than the above in your first aid kit.


Travel Insurance.

Hopefully, you never have to use it. But having one will keep your travels stress-free. It can save you a lot of money on hiccups you might encounter on your trip like stolen luggage, delayed flights or even a medical emergency. It is inexpensive price to pay for peace of mind.


An anti-theft bag.

Carrying around a purse makes you an easy target for pickpockets. Opt for bags that are cut-proof, can be locked or has straps that can attach to poles or to your chair to make it harder for thieves to run away with them. An inconspicuous money belt is handy too, or a wallet you carry around your neck that you can tuck away in your shirt when in crowded areas. This way you can still be overprotective of your stuff while having the time of your life.


A Hand Sanitizer.

It is easy to get sick when you are out and about, and nothing ruins a perfectly planned out vacation than feeling under the weather. Keep on top of things and carry a travel-sized hand sanitiser with you. Make sure you keep your hands clean whenever you touch any surface, especially before and after eating. Prevention is always better. 


A Personal Safety Alarm.

If you’re planning to do some exploring, a personal safety alarm should be number one in your packing list. Carrying a personal safety alarm with you as you tread unfamiliar grounds just makes sense. With a personal safety alarm like Angela, you can scare off attackers, people or even animals, without violence. When activated, an alarm as loud as a jet-take off accompanied by flashing lights goes off giving you enough time to run away or get help from people close by. In fact, don’t just reserve a personal safety alarm for travels. Grab one that’s easy to carry around, or attach to your keys or your person, and you can feel safe everyday.

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