Things Every Independent Woman Need

Things Every Independent Woman Need

You’ve done it! You got your own place, have a stable job and no longer dependent on your parents or family for your needs. You are going to live your best life and embrace your independence. 


Once all the excitement dies down, it will seem scary at first. Knowing there is no one to keep you right or help you right away when things go sideways. But that is all part of the thrill of being independent. Building yourself up; learning things you never thought you could do. 


To start you off on your journey, here are a few things you need so you can be the independent woman you always pictured yourself to be.


  1. A Tool kit. First aid Kit. Survival Kit.

Start with a simple tool kit with screwdrivers, a few nails and screws, a hammer, tape measure, and a flashlight. Build your toolkit as you go but having the basics will come in handy for any loose screws and the like. That way, you don’t have to get task rabbit for simple jobs and you can add it to your life skills too. It wouldn’t hurt to build a first aid kit too; with antibacterial ointment, alcohol wipes, gauze, tape and plaster. So you can deal with cuts and scrapes right away. A nifty survival kit for emergencies is always a good idea. Have a flashlight, spare batteries, some food supplies, a change of clothes, battery pack, water bottle, first aid kit, whistle, and a Swiss army knife. You never know when you’ll need it. Hope you never need it, but it’s good to have it ready when you do need it.


  1. Multiple Bank Accounts.

Set-up multiple bank accounts with different purpose. Have an account for your monthly budget, a separate account for your savings and another account for your investment. Get an insurance plan if you can, too. This way, it will be easier to track your spending and ensure that you have enough emergency funds for rainy days. Have a financial plan and stick to it so you can be ready for whatever life throws at you.


  1. Recipes you can whip up with eyes closed.

Nothings says independent more than being able to throw your own dinners. It is handy to have a few meals you can confidently whip up to serve guests you might have. It comes in handy too when you get tired of takeouts. Start with a few recipes you know you have perfected and add to your repertoire as you become more confident whipping up your own food.


  1. Pump me up playlist.

For days when you need a little boost. Have a playlist that will definitely boost your mood. It will come handy for upcoming interviews, staying focused, or even just to set your mood for an upcoming date or or night out. 


  1. Safety protocol.

Living alone is great but it never hurts be careful. Set- up a protocol for your safety. Ensure you have locks changed, windows shut properly and have emergency contacts and information handy. Give a copy of your keys to someone you REALLY trust, for emergencies. Make it a habit to have safety checks prior to leaving the house or going to bed. Check your locks, your cooker, your plugged in appliances, and windows. When you are going out, ensure you bring a personal safety alarm with you whether you’re out for a run, walking your dog, going to the shop, or going on a night out. Having one with you can save you having to resort to violence if you feel unsafe; it can get you  the help  you need and ward off potential attackers. 


  1. A Little Black Dress.

Keep a well-fitting LBD you can dress up or dress down for days when you can’t figure out what to wear. Having a trusty little black dress that you always good look in will save you from stressing out about what to wear when an occasion pops up that calls for a dressier look than the jeans and t-shirt combo you always sport.


  1. A comfy bed.

This is a must. This is your little slice of heaven in your own sanctuary. Invest in a bed that will make every waking moment still feel like a dream. Getting enough sleep will do wonders for your health and well-being; and nothing beats a comfortable bed to help you get that beauty rest you so rightfully deserve. And it’s not just the bed, set the mood, keep your bedroom a space to relax and be comfortable in. 


  1. Troubleshooting skills.

On days you just want to relax and watch Netflix all-day, your wifi will decide to not work. Same for your printer when you need to print off documents to meet a deadline. So it really comes in handy to be able to troubleshoot simple things like these, without breaking the gadgets in two. Learn a few basic troubleshooting for computers, tech-related stuff, and keep your sanity. 


  1. Friends.

As much as we love living by ourselves, we still need human connection. Have a healthy social media presence, but always have time for actual social interactions. Having friends you can trust and you can turn to makes living alone so much easier. You know there will always be someone who will help you when you get stuck, someone who will support you in your new adventure, and someone who will keep you safe. 


  1. 10.Self- confidence.

But above all, have faith in yourself. Everything is possible if you have confidence in yourself. Believing you can do it, is already half the battle. Everything you do, starts from knowing your worth and owning it. Knowing yourself, flaws and all, and knowing when you need help and not being afraid to ask for it when you need it are important to keep living the life you have built and love.

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