5 Reasons Why Tiktok Loves Angela.

Five Reasons why

 TikTok Loves Angela 

Your Personal Safety Alarm

1. You Can't Put a Price on Feeling Safe. 

Women are harassed at night so frequently even in 2022: because people think they can easily get away with it.

Our mission is to equip women with personal safety tools that are stealthy and stylish, so they can feel safer wherever they go, without feeling out of place.

2. We Need to Find a Solution to Help Reduce Harrassment.

Angela is a simple but effective product designed to create a blaring alert to surrounding pedestrians instantaneously.

Any woman who feels unsafe walking alone can carry this tool — no larger than a pack of gum — on their keyring.

3. Compact Design and 130db siren.

A simple of the pin, and any threat will be deterred by a 130db alarm and a bright flashing LED strobe. 
Our Personal Safety Alarm will run continuously for over an hour when activated, and we offer a straight replacement if it dies!

4. Scared, Worry, Panic, three things we want to stop with Angela.

As much as we’d like to believe that the world is a safe place for everyone, that’s just not realistic. Women need an ally who can protect them at any moment. If it can’t be a friend or close family member, it can be Angela.

5. For Every 5 Alarms Sold, 1 is Donated.

Every 5 alarms we sell, we give one to someone who has been affected by sexual assault, directly or indirectly, in the hope that it gives them even an ounce of help in the future. 

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